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In recent days, the temperature in Zhengzhou has reached 37 degrees, which is extremely hot. Our family and sister's family discussed going to Rizhao. We set off early in the morning. We talked and laughed along the way. After a 7-hour trek, we finally arrived at the dream sunshine. I just put my luggage Wholesale Cigarettes, so I picked up the bucket and ran towards the beach. Before he reached the beach, he heard the sound of waves slamming the coast. One wave was higher than the other, and the sea was roaring like it was angry. At this time a big wave swooped in and wet all of us. Dad said: "It's high tide now, let's go to taste seafood first." After having a delicious seafood meal, we came to the beach again. A sea breeze blew through our ears and took away the troubles in my heart. I felt like a drop of water in the sea. At this time the sea is like a cradle drifting in the wind. We stepped into the embrace of the ocean, and the sea surface crossed our soles, as comfortable as a child scratching our feet. A soft wave hit us, we jumped lightly, the sea water splashed on our body and face Cheap Cigarettes, and we were happy. The sound of joy and laughter continued to emerge with the sound of the waves, but our inability to swim in the sea today is our greatest regret, and we look forward to tomorrow. Early the next morning, my uncle came to call us, and when we heard the call, we packed up and set off. About 10 minutes or so, we arrived at the dream fourth bath Cigarettes Online. As soon as I got to the beach, my sister and I wore bathing suits and ran barefoot towards the sea. At the moment when our feet just touched the sea water, all our troubles were gone. We started splashing water and enjoying the sea. happy. Suddenly I had an idea, so I smiled and said to my sister: "Sister, don't you know how to swim? Let's compare and see who can swim to the deepest part of the shallow water, do you want to compare?" The sister said with certainty: "Comparing with others. It's not necessarily who laughs at the end." When the game started, I took my sister's inattention and pedaled over my sister. When I was proud, I suddenly found that my sister was gone. When looking for her all over the world, someone suddenly pulled my leg from the back, and I fell into the sea and choked the nose with water. At this time, my sister came out from my side and laughed and said to me: "How is it, the taste of drinking sea water?" I said disappointedly: "Okay, I will let you go this time." See our sister The two had so much fun, and dad, mom and aunt couldn't help but join us in playing water polo. We lined up in a circle. Auntie passed the ball to Daddy first. Daddy received the ball and immediately passed it to Mum. Then Mum passed it to me, probably because I was too eager to catch the ball and accidentally poured a sip of water. It was really not an easy task to cooperate with the water, afterwards we played beach volleyball, piled castles, and took a speedboat ... When the tide was high, we reluctantly left. This is the end of the two-day Rizhao journey, and we had the happiest time.
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