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How to Deal with
Sexual Harassment at Work

Everyone must be prepared to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , which is why this topic is often included in corporate training. Here what you need to know.

Sexual harassment is bad for business. Not only can it become a major distraction from work, it can also prove very costly for the business if not handled quickly, thoroughly and appropriately.

There should already be sexual harassment policies and procedures in place. Corporate training should also be in place so that all personnel have full knowledge of the policies and procedures.

For the Business

Besides creating a clear policy for sexual harassment, a business should include this information in their employee handbook. The policy should,
? Define what sexual harassment means,
? Make it perfectly clear that sexual harassment will not be tolerated,
? Emphasize that offenders will be disciplined or fired Arik Armstead Jersey ,
? State that any complaint will be fully investigated, and
? Make it clear that retaliation against the complainant will not be tolerated.

In addition to the employee handbook, a business with more than a handful of employees should,
? Train managers and supervisors on how to identify and thwart sexual harassment,
? Assign one senior corporate officer to manage the execution of the policies,
? Establish procedures to be used when reporting an incident,
? Appoint an HR officer or other suitable manager to receive such complaints DeForest Buckner Jersey ,
? Supply alternative paths for filing complaints, and
? Keep all such charges confidential.

For the Individual

If you ever believe that someone has sexually harassed you, do the following:
? First of all, do not deny that something has happened. Trust yourself and your instincts.
? Do not assume that the person will stop if you ignore it.
? Do not be afraid to speak up. If the offense is relatively minorike a co-worker telling an off-color jokeell the person politely, but firmly, that you are uncomfortable with what they are doing and that you would prefer that they stop. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them directly, then put the complaint in writing.
? Do not attempt to deal with more severe forms of sexual harassment alonehings like touching Ahkello Witherspoon Jersey , groping, and kissing by a co-worker, or more minor acts by a manager or supervisor. Ask for assistance through the appropriate channels as specified in your employee manual. If no channel has been specified, talk to your HR manager.
? Document what happened in detail (name of the person, time, location, sequence of actions Solomon Thomas Jersey , names of witnesses and any other pertinent facts). It is especially important to document each incident if the unpleasant behavior happens again.
? File a formal complaint, if necessary.

For Everyone

The more everyone at work knows what to look for and what is and isn’t appropriate behavior, the more easily such incidents can be handled or prevented. That’s where corporate training proves essential in the battle against sexual harassment. Online training courses can be done at the convenience of each employee and such e-learning can be tracked by the HR department to ensure compliance.

Work is stressful enough without sexual harassment. Stay safe.

Eloy writes articles for OpenSesame

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Android tablets ? advantages and security Computers Articles | December 21, 2012
Android tablets are among the most efficient and powerful devices these days. They present a series of very convenient features, very nice designs and are highly efficient.

At the beginning Fred Warner Jersey , people were reticent at the idea of tablet computers, but this was before the devices actually appeared on the market. The first one was the notorious iPad, followed by the highly popular Android tablets, and until now, they all have proved to be extremely useful, and the sales for these gadgets are increasing day by day. And although people still use laptops and PCs, nothing can replace the functions of tablets Dante Pettis Jersey , especially their effectiveness.

What is more, the Android tablets are situated in the top of the people?s preferences, due to their multiple utilities and features. For instance, on main upside is the fact that there is not a single type of tablet that uses the Android operating system, therefore, the consumers have the possibility to choose from a very wide variety of products. Users can elect from a multitude of tablets, with different sizes Mike McGlinchey Jersey , screens, colors, shapes, and the options are expanding even more each month, so the possibilities are almost infinite. They easily face the competition through their diversity, which is an extremely important feature in technology.

Nevertheless, one of the main concerns related to the Android tablets is represented by the security issues. It is not very important what type of device you use Richard Sherman Jersey , but you ought to pay great attention to the security matters, in order to be able to use it for a long period of time.

First of all, when it comes to the security of an Android tablet, users need to understand the concept of permissions. It is considered that one of the main advantages of such tablets is that you can download all sorts of applications. However, not all the programs available on the internet ought to be used. When you download a certain application, you are being asked for permission and if you accept, it means that you allow the app to make any modifications on your gadget?s system. And you should remember that the only way to revoke the permissionis by uninstalling the application.

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