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There are basically four major components Jalen Hurd Jersey , or essential molecular components that the body requires for what we call good health.

We know about amino acids and proteins, that''s category one. We know about fatty acids and nucleic acids, that''s category two. We know about vitamins and minerals and trace elements that are required, that''s three. And then we''ve always known about carbohydrates, whether its rice, potatoes, corn Deebo Samuel Jersey , wheat, whatever ? that you eat it, as category four. We''ve always known that those are the four necessary components for the human body.

Carbohydrates are consumed and broken down into simple sugars and then burned up at a cellular level as fuel, or gasoline. So this one category has always been known for the fuel side, for energy. And then the other three have always been known as critical for how the body functions.

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What Mannatech found is that the carbohydrate chain is not just some interesting molecules that are used as fuel. They researched and discovered that there are some unique molecules, eight of them, which they actually physically isolated Nick Bosa Jersey , that are used as building blocks or raw materials. These eight molecules are known as monosaccarhides or glyconutrients.

Let''s say these glyconutrients are Legos. One of them is a red six dot Lego, one of them is a black two dot Lego, one of them is a white narrow, single strip flat Lego and so forth. All eight of these little Lego pieces somehow, in the body''s synthesis and physiological process, multiply and combine and build configurations that build the phone lines, or communication mechanism Solomon Thomas Jersey , that allows one cell to talk to another cell.

In other words, we have trillions of cells in our body and cells need to properly communicate to one another. They need to be able to ask each other questions such as: are you friendly, are you an enemy, how does this affect my organ, how does this affect this system or that system? This communication process helps them to ultimately determine whether the cells are properly functioning. Mannatech found out that these phone lines, or glyconutritional components, were used to allow these cells to communicate at a cellular level.

Unfortunately we might be deficient in these essential glyconutrients so the phone lines can''t be properly built. This is due to things such as green harvests Dante Pettis Jersey , processing, preservatives, increased toxins, limited variety of grocery store foods we eat, and gradual soil depletion. The key here is that what was once able to convert from one molecule to another may have been interfered with because of contaminates, the environment, and everything else around us.

So you have this very critical group of plant based molecules that the body has to have so it can build phone lines Mike McGlinchey Jersey , so that cells can communicate. If the cells communicate properly then the tissues function, the organs function, and the systems of the body function. If that''s ever violated, or if those components are not put into the body, or the body is adversely affected because of environmental and diet issues and all the things that are around us in the 21st century, then those phone systems and those molecules can''t built.

Now, all of a sudden Matt Breida Jersey , you have a body and a group of systems that aren''t properly communicating. They are malfunctioning and misunderstanding each other. This miscommunication can take years for the physical signs to manifest and become recognizable. This miscommunication is why the body then isn''t able to heal itself, isn''t able to repair itself, or it blatantly malfunctions and miscommunicates on itself and causes an autoimmune disease.

Mannatech took these isolated molecules and created a glyconutritional blend consisting of all eight of the monosaccharides. This nutraceutical supplement is known as Ambrotose Complex. It gives the body the glyconutrients it is missing so that the body can turn around and create the phone lines necessary to have proper cell-to-cell communication.

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