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"I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-child game only means that your fate with him is that this life is constantly watching him back and forth. You stand on the path of this At one end, watching him gradually disappear at the turning point of the road, and he silently told you with his back: No need to chase Marlboro Lights. "-Long Yingtai. Some people evaluate Long Yingtai's words like this: "Hengmei's cold fingers point to the thousand husbands", the cold is pressing, such as the sword light sword shadow; "Looking down at a glutinous cow", it is gentle and gentle as if a breeze blows across the wheat field. Bailian Steel has turned into soft fingers, and only "love" can have such great power. The text reads that since his son Hua'an went to primary school, his mother's eyes followed him closely like that of the filigree flower clinging to other branches Marlboro Cigarettes. "When the bell rang, suddenly the figures were mixed and rushed to different directions Marlboro Red, but among so many people in the chaotic crowd, I looked at the back of my child very clearly-as if a hundred babies were crying at the same time, you I can still hear exactly where I am. ��Even with a lot of people, the mother still has the ability to find the child with�� eyes of fire and golden eyes ��until the child disappears on that side, never again. The mother's love is hidden in this reluctant gaze. We in adolescence are like Hua An, a 16-year-old boy who was watched away by his mother at the airport. The mother ��s affection is like a ��flood beast�� in our eyes. We can't understand the sudden hug of a mother, that's too nauseous; we don't want to listen to the mother's soft whisper, that's cricket. But we never thought about it, and felt the sadness of my mother. "Sometimes he was waiting for a bus across the street, and I looked down from the window of a tall building: a tall and thin young man, looking at the gray sea; I can only imagine that his inner world is as deep as mine, However, I could n��t get in. The bus came and blocked his figure. The car drove away, an empty street, with only a postbox. ��The three words�� ca n��t get in ��contain a lot of helplessness and Heartbroken, heartbroken longing for closeness but only looking far away? The youth in Long Yingtai's eyes were gone after all. He was walking on his way, but his mother was not on the road. At this point, Long Yingtai probably only had loneliness and embarrassment. The quiet watching behind me reminded me of Zhu Ziqing's "Back". "I saw him wearing a small black cloth hat, a black cloth blazer, a dark green cotton robe, staggering to the side of the railroad and slowly leaning in, but it was not difficult. But he crossed the railroad and wanted to climb over there The stage is not easy. He climbed up with both hands, his feet retracted again; his fat body leaned to the left, showing his effort. "This scene made Mr. Zhu Ziqing burst into tears. My father's great shore was just a few days before I insisted on doing simple things for my son. My father took me to the station door and handed me my luggage. At other times, just tell me a few words, such as safe learning. When I couldn't help looking back, I found that my father was still waiting and looking at me. Maybe it's waiting for my back to disappear and watching me go again; maybe it's waiting for me to look back and look forward to my another look. The ancients Chang Yun: Father loves mountains. Father's love is probably hidden in the stop again and again. After reading "Eye Watch", it is easier for me to experience the emotions hidden by the details. It is because the parents are worried about their repeated greetings. It is because the parents stop at the station. It is a table prepared by the parents. Give me emotional inspiration, thank Long Yingtai, tell me the pure love in the world, thank the books, and bring me warm words. Reading can not only be immersed in the beautiful writing of the writer, but also enrich your own heart. Let reading, warmth, travel with us

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