The Return Reboot

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After the year 2013, the humans were tearing themselves apart faster than any other time recorded in history. War, disease, and other things that had plagued the human race facilitated their abrupt and violent end in the year 3000. After the dragons were supposedly hunted to extinction, the remaining ones traveled to the extremes of the earth, going far out of their natural comfort zones. The dragons vowed to return to their mainland home, but they had to resolve themselves with eking out a life underground.

They carved huge, cavernous tunnels. They worked their history and culture into the unforgiving rock, laid their eggs, and settled down to as normal a life as they could manage. They survived off animals that burrowed too close, and the few strays that wandered into the caves. Eventually,the original breeds of dragons left over from the massacres died out. Their descendants, however, have grown up and made lives and families for themselves. When they broke through to the surface, they were introduced to a completely different world.

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