Stable Crash

in Allgemeines 04.12.2017 14:25
von Williamhawk • 150 Beiträge

I sent my Dragons on stable quests a while back and ever since, I have been having issues. It started by crashing everytime I would try to open the stable quest page, now it's esclated to the point where now everytime I try to get in just the stables it crashes before it even finishes loading. I have already sent you two E-mails, left you a voicemail and now posting a message on the forum. The reason is because I can no longer play this wonderful game, for all my flyable dragons are stuck in stable quests and I can't get them out. I also recently purchased a 50$ membership and with this bug, I pretty much wasted my money 'cause I can't play.

Please fix this problem...

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