Suggestion: Remove Emerald Plains Grass from Hills

in Allgemeines 01.12.2017 14:46
von Williamhawk • 150 Beiträge

I've been stuck on a quest for a looooong time now, and it's partly because I need higher level hills to complete it. The problem?

I'm so tired of getting rubbish from the hills. Just to get one single Hill, I have to hope that I get Topsoil, and then I have to hang onto that hope because I might end up with a single coin for a total of 2 dragon harvests. I might be able to get past the single coin (although I think that by the time you get to the hills, you really don't need single coins anymore) but the Emerald Plains Grass is just infuriating. Out of about 10 harvests, I got 2 Hills. At least 4-5 of those harvests were just Emerald Plains Grass.

I've always thought of the Life Flowers as the long-term goal, but not being able to skip quests is making this one feel like another one as well. Any chance we could remove the grass from the harvest possibilities?

Please help....

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