Suddenly my mouse wheel does not scroll a page as before on various web pages, but on some pages it works fine; Why?

in Allgemeines 30.11.2017 06:25
von Williamhawk • 150 Beiträge


Yesterday I noticed that my mouse wheel no longer scrolls from anywhere on a web page. On some pages it works well but not on others. It's almost as if it hits a blind spot and will no longer scroll. If I move the pointer onto the scroll bar, or near the margin, it usually works there. If I move to a different web page it may work differently. It seems as if the formatting of the page determines whether or not it will scroll. It was not like this two days ago. It's frustrating when you move the wheel and expect the page to scroll and it doesn't. If I restart FF in safe mode the mouse wheel scrolls properly.

Thnak You!!!

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