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I was streaming one night when all of a sudden my Twitch Inspector thing was like OHHH NO UNSTABLE!! I blew it off because I have shit internet, so I was like I'ma just go to sleep, wake up, and stream the next day. I wake up the next day, the internet is still shit so I'm like okay maybe it's just this weekend. Unfortunately, I was wrong it's now Monday and my internet is still complete shit so I thought it was like this for everyone in my house so I called up the ISP and they said they hard reset the modem from their side and sent a new signal of turbo internet, but even after this my internet was still shit. what could this be so I had my brother run an internet test and he was literally getting double my speed for some odd reason. Even, when testing the internet while connected on my phone it got nearly double my speed from my computer. I'm wondering if any of you know a fix to this, I wanna stream :(

Things to know:

I'm using an Ethernet Cable

My ISP is Spectrum (TWC)

This all began Saturday around midnight

The PC I have is nearly 1 year old, it's also a prebuilt computer.


Please help....

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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