Internet is slower compared to before

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von Williamhawk • 150 Beiträge

Hi guys, recently I have found my internet slower than before - I do not know if there is modem installed in my room before I moved in here a few months ago as a tenant - It requires password and username to be connected to the internet through the website (Freedom internet is the company ) and I do not know if it is secured because usually, it requires a router to connected to the internet (unsure if anyone can easily invade or hack my computers easily or steal my wifi) ; The internet was fast until recently, they announced that the internet provider had some issues with this building's company which affected their service in this building but they promised to make sure it will be back to function as soon as possible. I am still experiencing slow internet even after they fix this problem and I am unsure what I should do next. I would like to know if there are specific reasons of what causes my internet to slow down and possible solutions to it? It would be greatly appreciated and grateful if anyone would be willing to help me with this.

Thank You!!!

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