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in Drachenhort 08.11.2017 11:47
von Williamhawk • 150 Beiträge


So I just started playing Scrolls today and I've been enjoying it a ton. Did all the tutorials and started doing some trials and easy AI skirmish's. After a few matches though, something really annoying started happening. The stats on each unit (health, attack, cooldown) only show up when I mouse over the unit. Once I move the cursor, those stats will disappear after a second.

Needless to say, this is incredibly annoying. When there's half a dozen creatures and structures per side, not to mention enchantments and the like, it becomes a tremendous pain to have to mouse over units every few seconds. I've looked through the controls & settings but couldn't find anything about it, and some quick Google searches turned up nothing either. Anyone know what's going on?

Please help....

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