Mass Dragon Strategy Questions

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I am a TH8 with lvl 1 dragons. Mass Dragon seems to be one of the only viable 3 star war strategies for me since I haven't unlocked hogs or golems yet. However, I frequently find my dragon raids not going well. Here are my questions:

Spells: I am mostly attacking TH8 targets with 3 air defenses, at least one layer deep, in the range of levels 3-6. Am I better off triple lightening the far AD? or bringing 3 rage spells?

Placement: It it better to deploy the dragons in same spot (easy to rage the group), or is it better to spread them out in a line (since they are slow)? Drop them close to an AD (to take it out fast) or far away (more time to do damage)?

Timing: Should you deploy all the dragons at once, or hold one back in case the first group misses the town hall?

Lure: Is it worth it to lure the CC? If so, should I bring only 9 dragons and what troop to use in the extra 20 spots?

Its an expensive attack so I don't get to practice it daily. All the youtube video don't discuss these points much. they just dump them all and hope for the best. I'd appreciate your advice. I have gotten so much from the forums.

Thanks in advance.

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