Repeated Battle Chest Crashes

in Allgemeines 28.10.2017 12:34
von Williamhawk • 150 Beiträge


So I've seen the warnings: servers get busy after battles so don't open your chest right away, don't open chests in the training grounds, etc. And I generally heed those warnings.

However, today after two battles I had chests that failed to open. It was after the 5:00 and 9:00 PM battles, Pacific time, both times I won gold, now that I think about it I think I placed second both times, might be a coincidence, who knows.

Anyway, after the 5:00 battle I only waited a couple minutes to open my chest, honestly I probably should've waited longer, but upon clicking on it, I got the gear loading symbol continue indefinitely until I finally had to force-quit the game. After the 9:00 battle, I went and raced for a while and tried to open the chest at 9:45 PM Pacific time, and still had the chest get stuck loading. Both these times I recieved the UDT, but the chests disappeared from my backpack upon re-entering the game, and I found no prize items, gems, or coins in my collection.

It would be great if this problem would be fixed so battles give the rewards they are supposed to. I play on Windows 10 desktop, on the SoD version downloaded from the Windows Store.

Please help....

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